Parental Control for Internet : An Affordable and Easy Tool to Make Internet Safe for Your Teens

Parental Control App
Parental Control App

I have been reviewing different software to get easy parental control for Internet. It’s really interesting to know how one can check the smartphone activities of kids anywhere at any time. I have written many app reviews but today I’m going to share features of an app, FamilyTime, which is actually very user friendly and economical. Normally parents avoid using such apps due to high price tags so let’s see if this app can help parents on a budget.

Is it up to the expectations?

Well, it’s beyond what I expected, at such affordable price of just a couple of dollars. It worked really well. My experience was smooth because it didn’t freeze and was pretty easy to use. If you are a non-tech parent even then you can easily understand how to use the app dashboard. Another thing going beyond my expectations was its large number of features. Mostly the apps which I tested were not capable to provide all the features they claimed, but FamilyTime provided all.

With this app you can easily monitor all of you kids’ Web browsing history, view their bookmarks and their most visited sites. And if you find any inappropriate site for their age, you can put it in to the Watchlist and get instant alerts whenever they gain try to access those sites. Overall is an easy way to get a clear idea about their Web behavior.

Child Monitoring App
Child Monitoring App

Benefits making it Worthwhile

There are number of reasons why I found this app interesting I would briefly state them for you:

  • Easy user interface
  • Economical price
  • Pretty display
  • Number of working features
  • High compatibility
  • Consistency

An App Full of Features

Browsing History

Enable you to monitor kid’s Web behavior, bookmarks and most visited sites.

Mobile Tracker

Provides real time location of where your kids are and where they have been over the period of time.

Call logs

Uploads call history and contact details on your account.

Installed Applications

Monitors which applications they use with the date and version of app.

Instant Messages

Enables you to send instant messages individually or in groups.

Contact Details

Provides access to the number and names of your kid’s contacts.

Panic Alerts

Kids can send panic alerts if they feel they are in danger.

Request for Location

Kids can ask for your current location.

Instant Chats

Kids can send instant messages in an emergency and you can track their current location point in time.

My Suggestion: FamilyTime

Overall there is no significant downside of this app. All of the features work well making it a worthy parental control for Internet. I’m suggesting this because I tested it by myself, and it didn’t disappoint me at all. With this compatible and affordable app make sure your kids are protected even when they leave for a trip or any other place and enjoy an anxiety free parenting.


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