Truth Behind The Fame Of FamilyTime

FamilyTime App

The Parental Control app – FamilyTime – is on hype these days. It is getting popular among parents; the number of its downloads has gone imaginary high. But Why? What is the reason behind? To dig this out myself, I used the app and came up with several reasons. The app is popular because of its feature-profusion, affordability, performance, user-friendly design and nonetheless customizable settings.

Feature Profusion:

FamilyTime is an all-inclusive, feature rich parental control application that offer:

  1. Family Watch: Family Watch is a bunch of features that activates monitoring. Parents can keep an eye on their child’s call logs and contacts to see who they contact and when while keeping track of the browsing history and the bookmarks list.
  2. Family Care: In Family Care, parents can go through the list of installed apps and identify the inappropriate ones. They can also block any unwanted app that they want them to avoid. In addition to this, parents can add any suspicious number to Watchlist to get push notifications every time the contact is made from either party.
  3. Family Buzz: The Family buzz feature set lets kids send SOS alerts with their complete location in case of any danger.
  4. Family Locator: Family locator set of FamilyTime enables efficient tracking system and allows parents to Geo-fence any address to get push-notifications every time they enter and exit that place.
  5. Family Link: The app lets families establish a strong link. It lets parents receive PickMeUp alerts from your children with complete location and help them Stay in the loop with their kids 24/7.
  6. Family Plus: The added advantage of this app is Family Plus. To limit screen time or disable the device in case of theft, parents  can remotely lock child’s phone from their dashboard.

Family Locator


Compared to other parental control applications, FamilyTime is affordable. Parent app is all free.  To get started with unlimited monitoring, they are required to subscribe from the child subscription packages, i.e. Premium package monthly, quarterly or yearly. These are all available for few bucks. If parents don’t want to subscribe, they can use the free version of app with limited options.


FamilyTime is a handy app that performs well without affecting the device much. It does not lag neither it drains the battery. In fact, the data reporting process is quite fast.

User-friendly Design:

The app is well designed. It is easy to use and simple to handle with a clear set of icons that are self-explanatory.


Customizable Settings:

Another reason that captivates others is its customizable settings. Parents can change the setting and add their kids’ profiles as per their convenience. They can set what to monitor and what not to in a toggle shift.


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