How to deal with teens’ falling Grades?


Are you worried about your teens’ falling grades in school? Had they happened to be the outstanding performers? If the answer to both the questions was in positive, you are at the right place for the suggestion.

Not all of the kids maintain good grades throughout their life. As soon as they enter teenage, they start experiencing things on their own. At that point in time, the school doesn’t remain the only institute to learn for them. They experiment with things and try to get involved in learning matters outside the small school building. This impacts their focus on the study behavior and most of the times result in the falling grades.  If you got your teen’s bad result for the first time, don’t think of shouting at them right away. Stay calm and practice the four simple tips that we have jotted down for you here.

1.     Speak to your kid:

The first thing that you need to do is speak to your kid separately (not in front of someone else). Start with their previous records and explain what you used to think of them. How brilliant they were etc. After that, show your disappointment from the result and without dragging ask them the reasons for low grades. There are high chances that your teen won’t reply and if they don’t, you start putting forward your assumptions, such as lack of conceptual understanding or the study load etc.  but you will have to make them speak. Don’t enforce rather encourage them to share what the matter is.

2.     Figure out the problem yourself

Even though you talk to your kid about the problem, you will have to figure out things yourself too. Observe their behavior, keep an eye on how do they study, who are the people the blend in, how do they use technology, etc. There can be many signs to reveal the problem, you just have to identify. Obviously, they keep their matters private and you can’t be the helicopter parent to know who they meet or what distract them. In this scenario, you can take the help of the digital parental controls.

3.     Use digital parental controls

To keep an eye on what’s happening in your teens’ life, you can take the assistance of the digital parental controls. This is an advanced approach that the majority of parents are opting. Apps like FamilyTime make it possible for parents to keep control on their teens’ life digitally. The app lets you monitor:

i. Device Use

Stay posted about how they use their device. Is it the technology that is distracting them or the friends community. With the FamilyTime app, you can

  • Check the call logs
  • View contacts with details
  • Check installed apps

ii. Online Life

Know what your teen browses for. The search history can help you know the root cause of their distraction. Using the app you can:

  • Check browsing history
  • View book marks
  • Keep an eye on most visited sites

iii. Offline Life:

Be updated about your teens’ whereabouts all the time. Check if they attend the school regularly or not. For that the app lets you:

  • Check current location with virtual map
  • Trace where they have been all day.
  • View their check-ins and check-outs

To give this app a try, download it from the iTunes, google play or from the buttons below:



4.     Show Concern, Get Involved:

The last thing that you can do is show concern and get involved in the activities they perform. Be with them when they study, play video games, watch movie etc. This will not only help your teen focus but will give you a better insight also.


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