Digital Relationships and Teens: Know who your teen connects with Online!


Your teen may not be good at making relationships in the real world, but they can surely be a master of making them in the digital world. Today’s teens are impatient. They don’t wait for others to contact them, hence, they make their move and join online forums to meet their best matches. Do you know almost half of the accounts made on these social or dating platforms are fake? Either teens try to present themselves as adults or the adults pretend to be teenagers. This is where the dating apps become dangerous to use.

According to a number of reports the sexual assaulters or the predators pretend to be teenagers online top trap innocent kids. On the web, more than 500,000 predators come online every day. The facts are alarming, but have you taken any precautionary measures to secure your innocent teen online? Don’t stay in the in the phase of denial thinking that your kid is safe as there are approximately 800,000 Registered Sex Offenders in the United States. So, to secure your kids, keep a check on who your kid connects with online as that digital relationship can lead to an offline meeting. Web monitoring software are of great help in this regard. Pick any good option such as Familytime that lets you trace your teens online footprints and monitor the offline activities. In this case FamilyTime lets you:


  • Social forums their teens join online such as Facebook,, Twitter, etc. These forums let kids become friend with anybody online.
  • Websites they visit with the date and time stamps.
  • Applications they use on their devices. You can look for the dating apps such as Omegla, Tinder, MeetMe etc.
  • Contacts they save on their cell phone.
  • Calls they make, receive or miss.
  • Places they visit. You can look for the locations they visit on any given day and in real time.

Web monitoring software

This is not all, you can Watchlist suspicious contacts to get notified whenever the contact is made by either party. In addition to that FamilyTime empowers parents to blacklist unwanted apps, remotely lock the phone and receive panic alerts from kids in case of emergency. They can also Geo-fence places so they stay informed when their kids leave the home, school or other important places etc.

Want to download this app? Get it from your phone or click the buttons below:

Web monitoring software



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