Dive Into Your Kids’ Deep Tech World With FamilyTime!


Kids of this age are the digital native and the parents are the migrants. If you notice, you will see a constant battle going on in between them. The battle that starts because of the parents’ inability to keep track of their kids’ activities. They try to get into the details of how do their kids use their devices, who do they connect with, which websites they visit, what games are they playing, which apps are they using, what stuff is shaping their personality and from where they get their inspiration, etc. Knowing the answers to all these questions is crucial hence, it is significantly important for parents to keep a close eye on their kids. To stay updated, some parents spy on their kids, some end up being the helicopter parents, whereas the majority of them opt for the digital route and make use of parental apps such as FamilyTime.

How FamilyTime Helps?

FamilyTime is a complete parental app that lets parents take a toll on their kids’ techy world. The app offers a wide range of features that empower parents to:

Monitor their Kids’ Web Behavior

Parents can now stay updated about their kids’ web use and the patterns of their web behavior. With the app they can:

  • Track Browsing history: Keep an eye on which sites they visit for and stay updated with their entire Web behavior.
  • Monitor  Favorites and Bookmarks: View the complete list of their bookmarks and favorites.

Monitor their Kids’ Call Logs

Using the app, they can easily monitor their kids’:

  • Contacts: Keep an eye on all of the contacts along with details.
  • Calls History: Monitor the calls-history along with the date and time stamps.

Monitor their Kids’ Locations

With FamilyTime, parents can:

  • Track Location: Stay in the know of your kids’ changing locations even on the go.
  • Trace Location history: Keep a check on their whereabouts with the date and time stamps and see where they have been all day long.

Monitor their Kids’ App Preferences

The app enables parents to know their kids’ app preferences and provides them with features to:

  • Check Installed Apps: View the list of apps installed on your kids’ device with the additional details such as app version, date of installation etc.
  • Monitor App Usage Frequency: Keep track of the time they spend on each app using the app frequency checker of FamilyTime.

Have Parental Controls:

Monitoring is one part, Familytime allows parents to take control and manage their kids’ device through:

  • Watchlist Contacts: Watchlist any suspicious contact and receive alerts if contact is made by either party.
  • Blacklist Apps: Restrict the access of apps you don’t want your kids to use.
  • Lock Phone: Lock their phones to stop usage at inappropriate hours.
  • Geo-Fence: Create a virtual fence around important places such as Home, school, clubs, etc. to receive check-in and check-out alerts.

This is not all. There are many other valuable features being offered by FamilyTime. Do explore those yourself, give this app a try for free. You can download the app from your phone’s store or in a jiffy below. The installation process is simple, yet, you can take the assistance from here http://familytime.io/how-to-install/

Web monitoring software app_store

Parental Monitoring Is Mandatory

To make sure that your teens move on the right track, parents today are needed to monitor them; only then you can guide them to what is in their favor and what’s not. For monitoring, you will have to know your kids’ tech use as it is the doorway they use to enter the dangerous cyber world. Make use of parental apps such as FamilyTime and secure your kids now!


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