How Teen Tracking App is a Blessing?

Do you often get panic attacks when no contact is made with your teen? Do you stay worried about their locations every time they step out of the house? If these are your conditions, teen tracking app is certainly a great blessing for you and your family.


How Teen Tracking Apps Help?

As the name suggests clearly, teen tracking apps help parents track their kids anywhere and at any time.  There are a number of apps available in the market that help you with the tracking of your kid but the one being used by most of the parents is FamilyTime as the app offers a range of other valuable features in addition to tracking.  The features being offered for tracking and teen safety are:

Accurate location tracking:

All your fears will fade away if you manage to keep yourself posted about your kids’ accurate location every moment they step out of the house. You can see their changing locations in the real time over the virtual map.

Location-history tracing

Tracking all alone will alleviate you, but if you want to get your peace of mind, you can trace their location-history and keep track of all the places they visit. Using the feature, you can “run-free” your kid while monitoring them on their every move! There are apps that don’t track only but keep the tracking data for the past few months too such as FamilyTime.

Geo-fencing locations:

Geo-fencing is a relatively new concept that is about creating a virtual fence around places to get instant alerts. What you do with the feature is that you select the place on the map and then set certain area range around it say in meters or miles so that whenever your selected profile enters or exits the place.

Instant Alerts

In addition to tracking and monitoring, FamilyTime allows your kids to connect with you whenever they need. With the apps that let your children send easy go alerts or the panic alerts with their location details in a single tab instantly. Use the app and stay connected with your kids even on the go!

Give this app a try for free. Download it from your app store or from the buttons given below:

Web monitoring software app_store

Use Tracking app and Brush your worries aside!

Obviously, you cannot ground your teens at home; nor they would like you to do that. So, take a deep breath and make use of teen tacking app such as FamilyTime. The app helps you focus on the protection and safety of your children and gives you the opportunity to raise your children in a proactive and supportive manner. With the app, keep tabs on their locations 24/7. Not only this, help your kids connect with you in case of emergencies and enjoy stress-free parenting!


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