With laptops, smart watches, mobile devices and iPhones in their hands, teenagers get overwhelming chances of exploring their interests, the more time they spend online, the more probabilities there are for them to commit digital mistakes. The reckless behavior of teenagers paired with mobile devices and the Internet causes real dangers for your teen and that’s why more and more parents are switching towards smart parenting nowadays. The best parental apps for iPhone reduces your parental concerns to a huge extent. They allow parents to stay in touch with their teen’s online lives without having to ask several questions from their child.

What do parents usually face when their teen has an iPhone?

Parents need to realize that privacy of their teenager is not more important than their protection. There are hundreds and thousands of websites and apps available on the Internet that your teenager can download on their iPhone, not all of them are going to leave a positive impact on them. The probability of a teenager getting involved in a digital slip-up may vary from child to child. However the common digital dangers include:

  • Sexting, cyberbullying, online harassment and excessive texting disorder
  • Fear of missing out (FOMO) on social networking apps, suffering from inferiority or superiority complex while comparing their lives with that of their peers, posting personal information on social sites
  • Interaction with strangers, online predators and abductors
  • Exposure to adult content, developing addiction to hardcore pornography, committing virtual sexual acts online
  • Spending unreasonable time while using screens or while playing video games online, wasting time on dating apps etc.

Considering the above-mentioned threats, being vigilant about your teen’s online life is extremely important.

The Benefits of Using Parental Apps for iPhone

The advances in technology has helped parents monitor their kids without much hassle, the digital apps for parents such as FamilyTime empowers parents to:

  • Check saved contacts, call logs and SMS history
  • Watchlist suspicious contacts and receive alerts when contact is made
  • Monitor their teen’s web browsing history, frequently visited URLs and bookmarks to stop them from exploring adult content on the Internet
  • Check the list of apps installed on their iPhones along with the usage frequency and date of installation of every app to detect which apps are addictive for teens
  • Block questionable and addictive apps from their device
  • Track teen’s current whereabouts by tracking their location history
  • Create virtual geo-fences around particular places and receive alerts from the app every time teen leaves or enters the geo-fenced area
  • Schedule auto screen locks on their child’s iPhone to regulate their screen time
  • Remotely lock their device any time and from anywhere

And there is much more. FamilyTime is indeed one of the best parental apps for iPhone. Go to iTunes to get the app or click the button below to have a look at the app!

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The Internet offers us so many benefits, but it is a scary place too. The dangers of cyberspace can rattle a child as well as the teen. Installing the best iPhone app for parents to monitor their kid’s electronic devices can shield them from the dark side of the web.

How Parental Apps Help?

As a parent, it is understandable to feel worried for children’s health and safety, but thanks to parental apps; parents can now keep their children safe without disturbing their personal space. Finding an app which is literally the best for your child is important. FamilyTime is one such app which is immensely valued by smart parents. To keep your child’s Android smartphone, tablet, iPhones, or iPads safe and secure, here are the things you should know:

Amazing Features of the FamilyTime Parental Control App

FamilyTime has done a great job, incorporating a tons of foremost features through one app from monitoring to controlling children’s digital activities. This app offers the following magnificent features:

1. Limit Contact Lists and Text Message Tracking:

This app allows you to restrict which numbers the mobile phone can be used to call or text. In case someone is harassing your kid, you can simply put that phone number in the Watchlist, the app sends you notification alerts when the communication happens with that contact. Parents can track sent or received text messages as well.

2. Monitor Digital Media:

With this feature, you can monitor whether or not your teen is exploring inappropriate websites, adult movies or TV shows on their mobile device. By staying updated with their activities, you can allow only the stuff you feel is right for your child to be viewed on the device.

3. Set Time Restrictions:

We all want our kids to be studying instead of playing games on their mobile device, make a schedule for their homework as well as their screen time. Use this feature to put time restrictions that prevent games and apps from being used during that specific time. This feature also allows you to lock the entire phone in that restricted time period.

4. App Blocking and Disabling

Through this feature, you can block certain apps from being installed on your kid’s device. You can also monitor the amount of time your child spends on a specific app. With this feature, you can get the list of the apps installed on your child’s phone as well.

5. Access Parental Controls Anywhere:

You can access the FamilyTime Parental Control App either directly on the phone or via a secure web-based account. The app allows you to always know what your kids are doing on their phones.

There is a lot more that parents can do with this app. To know exactly what you can do, give FamilyTime app a free try. Explore the features yourself. You can get the FamilyTime app from the app store on your phone or from the button given below:




Having a smartphone, tablet or any other electronic gadgets opens up the world full of several opportunities for kids. The smart devices allow kids to stay connected with a larger number of people while on the go and research for the educational material they require to do their homework. But, these devices also make it possible for kids to easily access questionable content on the web or interact with dangerous strangers online.

Does your child have his/her personal iPhone? Do they keep looking at their iPhone’s screen all day long? How can you make sure your child is using their technological privileges the right way? Install an iPhone parental monitoring app!

FamilyTime is a parental monitoring app that is compatible with both Android devices and iOS. It gives parents the power to monitor their child’s digital conduct in many ways.

1. Set Time Limits on Your Child’s Screen Use

If you are worried about the amount of time your teenagers spends on his/her iPhone, you are not alone. Most of the teenagers spend around 8-9 hours a day on screen. If you are annoyed with your child’s screen use and want to prevent it from happening in the future, you can use the FamilyTime app to schedule an auto screen lock on their iPhone. FamilyTime also allows parents to simply lock their teen’s device by a single swipe.

Too good to be true? You can have a look yourself by downloading the app from iTunes or simply click the button given below!

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2. Supervise Searches on Your Child’s iPhone

Kids can run into seriously inappropriate content while Internet surfing. But, luckily FamilyTime app allows you to monitor what your child explores on the web using their iPhone. This gives parents an opportunity to stay in the loop and detect whether or not their kids are using their iPhones in a right way.

FamilyTime app enables parents to take a look at the frequently visited URLs along with the details of the date and time stamps. This helps [parents realize that at what time their child usually visits a particular inappropriate website. For instance, if you find that your child explores a pornographic content at the night when everyone is asleep, you can take away their iPhone at night to minimize the possibility of your child exploring that website again.

3. Monitor Text Messages on Your Child’s Device

Texting is one of the main reasons children get addicted to their phones. You can stay update who your child texts or what kind of messages your child is receiving on his iPhone by using the SMS tracking feature of the FamilyTime app.