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With rising statistics of internet generated troubles, cybercrime, obesity and eye damage, screen addiction and on top of that ghost apps to hide suspicious activities, parents of kids and teens are advised to set up parental controls. This is no different than keeping an eye on them when they first start swimming, knowing about all their friends to make sure they are meeting the right people and telling them to be cautious on the streets. You have to keep an eye on their online activity as well, so they can have a secure digital life.

What do parental controls do?

There are inbuilt parental controls in laptops and smartphones and there are parental control apps like FamilyTime through which parents can monitor their children’s devices and restrict inappropriate actions. They give parents a sense of control without having to intrude in their kids’ lives, which is not appreciated by the kids at all.

What do you need to monitor?

You need to keep a watch on the cellular as well as the online behavior of your kids. Text bullying, cyber harassment, sexting, adult websites, getting in contact with strangers can all be identified by monitoring:

  • Calls
  • Contacts
  • Text messages
  • Internet history
  • Bookmarks

You can get a heads up before time and solve the issue. The whole purpose of monitoring the kids’ digital behavior is to make sure they don’t get involved in insecure activities and even if they do, parents can resolve them timely.

What do you need to restrict?

There are certain actions that need to be restricted by parents. It is just like enforcing bedtimes and other house rules.

Mobile apps

These apps include games, social media apps, self-help, and self-learning, etc. But there are also hiding apps that allow kids to hide photos and other activity in a camouflaged folder. Some games and social media apps can be very addictive and contain adult content. With parental control apps, you can see what kind of apps they are using and ban them from use.


Screen Time

All the time spent on devices constitutes as screen time. Excessive screen time is bad for children’s physical and mental wellbeing. That is why you need to curb their hours within healthy limits. The digital screen locks restrict their device access for a designated time and their screen time is cut short.


Where do you need to follow them?

Kids, especially teens, when on their own, have a tendency to go to parties, far off places and late night adventures. All these places may not be safe for them and they can end up in trouble. You can see where they go by accessing their location history. You can also get Geofence notifications to make sure they are safe and sound. These include auto check-ins/checkouts, panic alerts, and pick-me-up alerts.

Get FamilyTime for your iOS or Android device now:

Web monitoring software


Parental control apps are a digital way to counter some digital difficulties. You can do everything from your laptop or on the go, all the while keeping your kids’ integrity intact. eSafety is as much important as safety in any other aspect of life. So go smart and keep your kids digitally safe.


How Can Child Predators Reach Your Children Online? What to Do About It?

It is not news that kids are more knowledgeable about the internet these days. They know things even the adults don’t. It is their age and they are the masters. But like any other aspect of life parents have to take care of them in this aspect too. One big danger that they have to be aware of are the online strangers.

Kids meet various people through social media and gaming sites. Unfortunately, child predators use these sites as a medium to get them. 81% teens use social media in which Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Vine etc. are popular. It is common to share photos, current residence and educational info on these platforms. Kids also follow these trends. This can be used by predators to know their location and likes/dislikes.


There are two reasons to why kids indulge with such people. They think it is virtual so it cannot hurt them. They don’t realize that the person on the other end could be lying to them. They also enjoy the anonymity and the thrill of meeting new people. Sometimes when parents try to stop them, they tend to hide. 70% kids hide their online activity and parents stay unaware.

Getting in contact with such people can result in a bad outcome. They lure kids into meeting them, sexual actions, misuse their personal images, blackmail, threat and the worst kidnap or assault them. That is why parents are recommended to keep a check on their online behavior. Parental control apps are an emerging solution for this issue.

What are the different ways that can help you?

The first step is to get access to their online and smartphone activity. Parental control apps like FamilyTime let you do that. Once you have this access you can keep a watch on them and detect any suspicious behavior. Following are the different ways that will help you:

  • Monitor their contacts and keep an eye for unsaved numbers, strange names, people you have never heard of before.
  • Check their calling habits for untimely calls, a number who is calling your kid again and again or someone your kids are trying to avoid.
  • Read their text messages. It is a great way to know about sexting, harassment, and threats or unnecessary attachment.
  • Track their web history to know if they are visiting sites that expose kids to such people. You can also see their bookmarks and how frequently they visit such sites.
  • Block applications that encourage anonymous chatting and exposure to strangers.
  • Stay posted about their whereabouts and get notified of them reaching school safely. Prevent going to unsafe places.


All this can be easily done with FamilyTime. It is available for all Android and iOS devices. Download it from the buttons below:

Web monitoring software


Keep them secure!

This can happen to any kid that goes online and has a smartphone. Nowadays, every parent whose kids use internet devices or are about to reach that age should adopt parental control apps. They are an adequate solution to keep predators away from your kids.

Awful Thoughts Stressing You Out? Parental Apps Can Lay Your Stress to Rest!

Parental Control App
Parental Control App

We might not have any visible sign of how stressed out we are, but unconsciously we spend a lot of our time thinking about our teens’ safety. To some extent every parent suffers from some scary thoughts about the things which ‘might’ happen to teens. A stressed out and anxious parent could make wrong decisions instead of protecting the child. Avoid being such kind of parent because naturally, parents are prone to becoming one. We can’t help not about their safety, but it should be dealt in a smart way: using parental apps! I’d discuss how you can use these apps to your advantage in this article.

Ask yourself: what drives your parenting drive- fears or facts?  Getting worked up about their safety won’t make any difference. Often parents get paranoid and start fearing all the worst things happening to their children and getting panicked for no reason. As a result parents can bar kids from going out and don’t give them their due space and freedom. This can make children rebellious and wayward.

Tips for Staying Calm

So you don’t want your children to take the liberty and do stuff behind you but on the same time, you can’t help controlling your natural parental anxieties, too. Here are a few tips that can help you create a healthy balance between giving space to your kids and being a concerned parent:

Overcome Your Fears

Try not to blurt out all your inhibitions and try your best to push down your emotions. You certainly don’t want your child to fly off the handle because something you said just offended him/her. And if they’ve done something wrong, just breathe easy and remind yourself that children make mistakes and that’s how they learn. The best way is to accept that you can’t control each and every thing, and it isn’t your fault. Putting everything on your shoulders can make you stressed and nothing else.

Stay Real and in the Present

Imaginations and thinking about the worst situations could cause a lot of problems. And yes, you have to stay in the present. Fussing over the incidents from the past will not let you focus on your teen’s future. It could be very annoying for the children if you constantly bring their past mistakes and rebuff them over and over for it.

Monitor Digitally

It’s a smart approach if you are not willing to let them explore alone, you can go for digital apps that help you keep an eye on your children. It can keep you relaxed knowing about where your teens are going, with whom they are partying with and what they are doing online.

If you are stressed that they could be a victim of cyberbullying, then you can monitor their Web history with the parental control apps and stay in the know.

FamilyTime is a popular choice among parents who want to keep tabs on their kids’ whereabouts and their phone usage. So if you want to know where they had been all day, you can log their geo-location with this app and get reports with full location details. You could track their location history, Geo-fence their locations and get alerts too.

Let Teens Stay in Touch with You

Just keeping tabs on them won’t help relieve your parental stress. You need to make sure that your children can contact you instantly if they get in some trouble. Here again FamilyTime can help you. It offers children to send you instant SOS alerts and PickMeUp alerts from their app. This way you’d get instant alert on your phone that your child needs you with full location info.

If you want to receive these alerts on your phone, you’d have to download their app, FamilyTime – Dashboard. You can download it by clicking on these buttons:



Caution is Better than Cure!

“What-if” attitude could be dangerous for you and for your teens as well, so you need to focus on the facts rather than fears to keep them safer. Parental apps like FamilyTime are great options to stay in touch all the time and know for sure when something happens that needs your attention. And also, when you’re monitoring them closely, you would know things before they get messed up! Parental control apps are really helpful to relieve your parenting stress and make you worry less.

Parental Control for Internet : An Affordable and Easy Tool to Make Internet Safe for Your Teens

Parental Control App
Parental Control App

I have been reviewing different software to get easy parental control for Internet. It’s really interesting to know how one can check the smartphone activities of kids anywhere at any time. I have written many app reviews but today I’m going to share features of an app, FamilyTime, which is actually very user friendly and economical. Normally parents avoid using such apps due to high price tags so let’s see if this app can help parents on a budget.

Is it up to the expectations?

Well, it’s beyond what I expected, at such affordable price of just a couple of dollars. It worked really well. My experience was smooth because it didn’t freeze and was pretty easy to use. If you are a non-tech parent even then you can easily understand how to use the app dashboard. Another thing going beyond my expectations was its large number of features. Mostly the apps which I tested were not capable to provide all the features they claimed, but FamilyTime provided all.

With this app you can easily monitor all of you kids’ Web browsing history, view their bookmarks and their most visited sites. And if you find any inappropriate site for their age, you can put it in to the Watchlist and get instant alerts whenever they gain try to access those sites. Overall is an easy way to get a clear idea about their Web behavior.

Child Monitoring App
Child Monitoring App

Benefits making it Worthwhile

There are number of reasons why I found this app interesting I would briefly state them for you:

  • Easy user interface
  • Economical price
  • Pretty display
  • Number of working features
  • High compatibility
  • Consistency

An App Full of Features

Browsing History

Enable you to monitor kid’s Web behavior, bookmarks and most visited sites.

Mobile Tracker

Provides real time location of where your kids are and where they have been over the period of time.

Call logs

Uploads call history and contact details on your account.

Installed Applications

Monitors which applications they use with the date and version of app.

Instant Messages

Enables you to send instant messages individually or in groups.

Contact Details

Provides access to the number and names of your kid’s contacts.

Panic Alerts

Kids can send panic alerts if they feel they are in danger.

Request for Location

Kids can ask for your current location.

Instant Chats

Kids can send instant messages in an emergency and you can track their current location point in time.

My Suggestion: FamilyTime

Overall there is no significant downside of this app. All of the features work well making it a worthy parental control for Internet. I’m suggesting this because I tested it by myself, and it didn’t disappoint me at all. With this compatible and affordable app make sure your kids are protected even when they leave for a trip or any other place and enjoy an anxiety free parenting.