Twitter Turns Its Back to the Us Authorities and Deprives Software to Analyze Tweets

Twitter may not be as used as Facebook but it still attracts millions of users every week. They are unfortunately not all well-meaning and terrorists are using the platform for propaganda. The service was so heavily guarded by US authorities but the microblogging giant has finally decided to turn their backs by depriving them of a dedicated analysis software.



Analyze each tweet independently of each other would be impossible and the US authorities have therefore chosen to rely on a dedicated solution for monitoring the platform: Dataminr.

This tool was not directly developed by Twitter but it has invested in the capital of the publisher and thus holds 5% of its capital.

In exchange, the US giant offers it direct access to all the messages posted on the platform, without limitation of any kind. Dataminr is also the only company to have unlimited access to all this data and this is also what allowed him to break into the industry.

It also means that the company is highly dependent on Twitter.

And the whole problem is there. The Wall Street Journal, the social network would indeed request that the tool is no longer available to US intelligence services. This information was however not confirmed by the principal party and is, therefore, to be taken with the utmost of prudence.

There, you probably wonder what could motivate Twitter to make this decision, right? In fact, according to the famous publication, the microblogging giant would not want to appear too close to the US government.

We must remember that the relationship between high-tech companies and the US authorities are not looking good right now. We have even seen evidence recently with the standoff that pitted Apple FBI on the case of the killer of San Bernardino.


Many porn sites hacked, customer data already available on the web


A hacker known by the nickname TheNeoBoss made about him on the web saying that it would be able to hack several porn sites and stole the identities of their users.

The hacker would have boasted of having hacked the personal data of at least 273,000 users on pornographic websites and proved it by selling the information on the web.

Among the hacked data, we find the names, usernames, passwords, email, IP addresses, and in some cases the postal addresses of users. Rather embarrassing! Pirated porn sites are TeamSkeet, ThisGirlSucks, and still many others also belong to the Paper Street Media editor.

This attack once again demonstrates negligence that some publishers may display about the security of their websites. The pirate had announced having discovered flaws to perform SQL injection and had contacted the editor to ask for an exchange of information compensation, the company had refused, saying it was of extortion.

At the same time, the Paper Street Media publisher had done nothing to correct the vulnerability, despite its existence and therefore its potential danger. The hacker has found another way to monetize the discovery of this flaw, by selling confidential information of the sites in question on the Internet.

According to porn sites that have been hacked, no information on bank cards where possible transactions could not be retrieved from the database.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Device Event To Be Held Today

Microsoft is expected to launch its first high-end windows phone today in the event that is to be held in New York City. The event is placarded as the Windows 10 device event. Microsoft is holding this big event to expand the breadth and reach of Windows 10 along with launching  the Windows devices that include the series of the Surface Pro 4, Lumia phones, Microsoft Band 2, and much more.

The event not only brings the announcements of devices rather, it is expected to unveil the functionalities and performance of Windows 10 that will be the operating system of these devices now.

Microsoft has set up a live stream of the event. To make sure windows users don’t miss the event, Microsoft will even send its users a calendar before the event begins.