4 reasons why you need a parental control for screen time limits!


Everything has become digital; digital shopping, digital learning, digital entertainment. Everything requires an internet connection and an electronic screen. 90% of all media interactions are screen-based in the form of smartphones, tablets, TV, laptops etc. Kids prefer to play games on their iPads and tablets than outside. They study and even socialize online. According to this survey, we spend 4.4 hours on screen daily for our leisure time only.

 Source: brainsolis

Too much screen time is unsafe for kids and can cause them a variety of issues. As parents, you must be aware of these problems and consider using a parental control for screen time limits in order to keep them healthy and secure.

Health Dangers

Kids can develop health issues like obesity, eyesight impairment, bad posture troubles, and headaches by sitting for long hours in front of the screen. They also get prone to having anxiety and depression. Sleep deprivation can cause them to stay tired and irritable. 8 hours of sleep is necessary to get through a tough school routine but interruptions at night keep them from it. They can also develop attention deficit disorders.

Social Isolation

Excessive screen time also causes them to become socially aloof. They prefer to stay indoors. They have minimum interaction with the outside world and as a result, fail to build real relations. Toddlers have seen having a speech delay and talking issues which can also persist for long.


They can get addicted to gaming and use of other applications. This renders them unable to concentrate on daily activities. They grow a fear of missing out, have a continuous need to check their devices for new notifications and can’t go anywhere without them.

Academic Performance

Extreme device usage can affect their performance at school. Their grades can fall. Continuous brain activity keeps them tired causing them to lose concentration. Distractions from social media and gaming don’t let them do their school work and study properly.

How can screen time parental controls help?

There are different parental control apps that allow you to limit device use. FamilyTime is one such app that serves the purpose well. Here is what you can do with it:

  • Lock the phone for bedtime, dinner time and homework time.
  • Make customized rules -as many, as you like.
  • Set it for recurrent days or one day, as you want.
  • Temporarily block applications.
  • The app will automatically open and lock phones or tablets.

You can use it on iOS and android devices. Give it a try here:

Web monitoring software


Establish screen time limits!

Just like phones and tablet have become a necessity for kids, limiting screen time has also become one. Kids should not spend endless hours on their devices as it is injurious to their health and life in general. They should only spend 2 to 3 hours on screens per day. This calls for parents to use a parental control for screen time limits. Keep your kids secure and healthy, have tech free days and limit excessive use.

How Teen Tracking App is a Blessing?

Do you often get panic attacks when no contact is made with your teen? Do you stay worried about their locations every time they step out of the house? If these are your conditions, teen tracking app is certainly a great blessing for you and your family.


How Teen Tracking Apps Help?

As the name suggests clearly, teen tracking apps help parents track their kids anywhere and at any time.  There are a number of apps available in the market that help you with the tracking of your kid but the one being used by most of the parents is FamilyTime as the app offers a range of other valuable features in addition to tracking.  The features being offered for tracking and teen safety are:

Accurate location tracking:

All your fears will fade away if you manage to keep yourself posted about your kids’ accurate location every moment they step out of the house. You can see their changing locations in the real time over the virtual map.

Location-history tracing

Tracking all alone will alleviate you, but if you want to get your peace of mind, you can trace their location-history and keep track of all the places they visit. Using the feature, you can “run-free” your kid while monitoring them on their every move! There are apps that don’t track only but keep the tracking data for the past few months too such as FamilyTime.

Geo-fencing locations:

Geo-fencing is a relatively new concept that is about creating a virtual fence around places to get instant alerts. What you do with the feature is that you select the place on the map and then set certain area range around it say in meters or miles so that whenever your selected profile enters or exits the place.

Instant Alerts

In addition to tracking and monitoring, FamilyTime allows your kids to connect with you whenever they need. With the apps that let your children send easy go alerts or the panic alerts with their location details in a single tab instantly. Use the app and stay connected with your kids even on the go!

Give this app a try for free. Download it from your app store or from the buttons given below:

Web monitoring software app_store

Use Tracking app and Brush your worries aside!

Obviously, you cannot ground your teens at home; nor they would like you to do that. So, take a deep breath and make use of teen tacking app such as FamilyTime. The app helps you focus on the protection and safety of your children and gives you the opportunity to raise your children in a proactive and supportive manner. With the app, keep tabs on their locations 24/7. Not only this, help your kids connect with you in case of emergencies and enjoy stress-free parenting!

Twitter Turns Its Back to the Us Authorities and Deprives Software to Analyze Tweets

Twitter may not be as used as Facebook but it still attracts millions of users every week. They are unfortunately not all well-meaning and terrorists are using the platform for propaganda. The service was so heavily guarded by US authorities but the microblogging giant has finally decided to turn their backs by depriving them of a dedicated analysis software.



Analyze each tweet independently of each other would be impossible and the US authorities have therefore chosen to rely on a dedicated solution for monitoring the platform: Dataminr.

This tool was not directly developed by Twitter but it has invested in the capital of the publisher and thus holds 5% of its capital.

In exchange, the US giant offers it direct access to all the messages posted on the platform, without limitation of any kind. Dataminr is also the only company to have unlimited access to all this data and this is also what allowed him to break into the industry.

It also means that the company is highly dependent on Twitter.

And the whole problem is there. The Wall Street Journal, the social network would indeed request that the tool is no longer available to US intelligence services. This information was however not confirmed by the principal party and is, therefore, to be taken with the utmost of prudence.

There, you probably wonder what could motivate Twitter to make this decision, right? In fact, according to the famous publication, the microblogging giant would not want to appear too close to the US government.

We must remember that the relationship between high-tech companies and the US authorities are not looking good right now. We have even seen evidence recently with the standoff that pitted Apple FBI on the case of the killer of San Bernardino.

Many porn sites hacked, customer data already available on the web


A hacker known by the nickname TheNeoBoss made about him on the web saying that it would be able to hack several porn sites and stole the identities of their users.

The hacker would have boasted of having hacked the personal data of at least 273,000 users on pornographic websites and proved it by selling the information on the web.

Among the hacked data, we find the names, usernames, passwords, email, IP addresses, and in some cases the postal addresses of users. Rather embarrassing! Pirated porn sites are TeamSkeet, ThisGirlSucks, TeenyBlack.com and still many others also belong to the Paper Street Media editor.

This attack once again demonstrates negligence that some publishers may display about the security of their websites. The pirate had announced having discovered flaws to perform SQL injection and had contacted the editor to ask for an exchange of information compensation, the company had refused, saying it was of extortion.

At the same time, the Paper Street Media publisher had done nothing to correct the vulnerability, despite its existence and therefore its potential danger. The hacker has found another way to monetize the discovery of this flaw, by selling confidential information of the sites in question on the Internet.

According to porn sites that have been hacked, no information on bank cards where possible transactions could not be retrieved from the database.

Technology Addiction in Teens: How to Prevent It?


Today we face increasingly frequent cases of tech addiction in teens; mainly due to the wide range and ease with which they can buy various devices. The devices that can serve multiple purposes such as smartphones and tablets etc. Of course, these technologies open up many possibilities, facilitating life today but their misuse can lead to various problems that are related to behavior and health of your teen. Their changing behaviors not only affect personal relationships but also hurt the overall performance, creating difficulty in the concentration of specific and real tasks. In addition to that, their daily activities are affected or interrupted by text message alerts, emails or social networking messages. Their habit of doing several things at the same time and compulsion to read emails and distress or anxiety about the possibility of losing “something important” decreases their ability to relax, enjoy, and to be productive. These are some of the consequences of tech addiction but not all teens who use technology have developed the addiction. The presence of some variables, such as isolation, anxiety and irritability are some of the key indicators of tech addiction in teens that generate when are not connected.

Now if you think that your teen is addicted, it is the time for you to take appropriate actions in time.

How can you prevent Tech Addiction?

Prevention of tech addiction in teens is not difficult anymore. Parental control apps such as FamilyTime offer great features that empower parents to not only manage the timings of their teens’ use of technology but help them control the right use of technology too. Have a look at the feature list of FamilyTime app to get the idea of how parental controls can help:

Monitor Device Use:

  1. Mirror Contacts: Mirror contacts as they appear on their teen’s phone along with additional saved details such as email, DOB, address etc.
  2. View Call Logs: View the call log with the date and time stamps.
  3. Watchlist Contacts: Watchlist any suspicious contact and be notified whenever the contact is made by either party.
  4. View Installed Apps: View the complete list of installed apps on their teen’s phone.
  5. Check App Usage Frequency: Check the app usage frequency with the total time spent on the each app.
  6. Monitor Internet Usage & Web-History Tracking: Track internet usage and the web-history along with the date and time stamps.
  7. Monitoring  Bookmarks: Access the complete list of their bookmarks and favorites.

Control Activities and Device Accessibility:

  1. Blacklist Apps: Blacklist any of the apps you find inappropriate.
  2. Remotely Lock the Phone: Along with monitoring, the app lets parents have their control over their teen’s device. They can always lock their teens’ phones to restrict screen time or ensure data privacy in case of lost phones.
  3. Schedule Auto Locks: manage their device access time by setting up auto screen locks for a certain period of time say study time, sleep hours or dinner intervals etc.

Want to give it a try? Download it from your iTunes and Google Play Store, or in just a tap from the buttons below:

Web monitoring software


The sooner you act to prevent addiction, the less will be the deterioration of the quality of life of the teen and your family.

The Perks Of FamilyTime Parental App For Parents And Kids


The parental control applications are more popular than ever, but are they good for parents and children? The answer is yes. For most parents, the main priorities when they buy their children a phone are:

  1. Establish contact all around the clock
  2. Being able to protect their children so that they do not  see inappropriate material, or brought into contact with someone they should not.
  3. Do not want to pay huge bills for their kids’ paid downloaded apps.

Luckily for these worried parents, there is a solution known as parental control app that allows parents to take appropriate actions to prevent any major bills or problem. The perks of these apps are now not limited to the parents only. With any advanced app such as FamilyTime parental app, both parents and kids can have safety and liberty both at the same time, but how?

FamilyTime App Has Two Versions

Safety and liberty both are possible at the same time because of FamilyTime’s two different versions. One is for the parents and the other for children.

FamilyTime For Parents

The app version for parents is called the Parent Dashboard that serves as a one-stop management. Through parent dashboard, parents can:

  • Keep an eye on their kids’ browsing history along with the date and time for each URL.
  • View their bookmarks and favorites.
  • Monitor call logs and check the caller details and view their call timing along with date stamps.
  • Mirror contacts and view every contact saved in their kid’s phone along with the listed details.
  • Watchlist contacts and get instant alerts on the connection.
  • Check all of their installed apps along with app version and date of installation.
  • Block questionable apps & games.
  • Check the location-history and stay in the know where their kids were the whole day.
  • Add specific places to Places list and get alerts when their kids enter or exit those places.
  • Put screen locks at any time they don’t want kids to use their smartphones.

The parent app lets parents manage and monitor all their kids from a single screen that can be accessed through the web too.

FamilyTime For Kids

The child app of Familytime is called the Child Dashboard which is simple and self-explanatory. It allows your child to manage their profile, chat with parents and send panic & PickMeUp alerts to them.

  • PickMeUp alerts: Do you often forget to pick up your kids on time? Help your kids send you easy-go reminders before time with their complete location details so you get to them at the right place in time and if you get stuck somewhere, you can reply to them via the same groove in a single tap.
  • SOS alerts: SOS alerts are the panic alerts that your kid can send you in case of emergency. With their single tap on the SOS alerts option, your kids can send you push notification on your mobile screen along with their complete location.

Awareness is the best tool:

With the constant change in technology, the lifestyle is changing too. Now, parents and kids both are becoming more aware of the perks and perils of  technology and they have started using it for the good only. So, make the best use of your knowledge and use the parental app for your kids’ safety!

Dive Into Your Kids’ Deep Tech World With FamilyTime!


Kids of this age are the digital native and the parents are the migrants. If you notice, you will see a constant battle going on in between them. The battle that starts because of the parents’ inability to keep track of their kids’ activities. They try to get into the details of how do their kids use their devices, who do they connect with, which websites they visit, what games are they playing, which apps are they using, what stuff is shaping their personality and from where they get their inspiration, etc. Knowing the answers to all these questions is crucial hence, it is significantly important for parents to keep a close eye on their kids. To stay updated, some parents spy on their kids, some end up being the helicopter parents, whereas the majority of them opt for the digital route and make use of parental apps such as FamilyTime.

How FamilyTime Helps?

FamilyTime is a complete parental app that lets parents take a toll on their kids’ techy world. The app offers a wide range of features that empower parents to:

Monitor their Kids’ Web Behavior

Parents can now stay updated about their kids’ web use and the patterns of their web behavior. With the app they can:

  • Track Browsing history: Keep an eye on which sites they visit for and stay updated with their entire Web behavior.
  • Monitor  Favorites and Bookmarks: View the complete list of their bookmarks and favorites.

Monitor their Kids’ Call Logs

Using the app, they can easily monitor their kids’:

  • Contacts: Keep an eye on all of the contacts along with details.
  • Calls History: Monitor the calls-history along with the date and time stamps.

Monitor their Kids’ Locations

With FamilyTime, parents can:

  • Track Location: Stay in the know of your kids’ changing locations even on the go.
  • Trace Location history: Keep a check on their whereabouts with the date and time stamps and see where they have been all day long.

Monitor their Kids’ App Preferences

The app enables parents to know their kids’ app preferences and provides them with features to:

  • Check Installed Apps: View the list of apps installed on your kids’ device with the additional details such as app version, date of installation etc.
  • Monitor App Usage Frequency: Keep track of the time they spend on each app using the app frequency checker of FamilyTime.

Have Parental Controls:

Monitoring is one part, Familytime allows parents to take control and manage their kids’ device through:

  • Watchlist Contacts: Watchlist any suspicious contact and receive alerts if contact is made by either party.
  • Blacklist Apps: Restrict the access of apps you don’t want your kids to use.
  • Lock Phone: Lock their phones to stop usage at inappropriate hours.
  • Geo-Fence: Create a virtual fence around important places such as Home, school, clubs, etc. to receive check-in and check-out alerts.

This is not all. There are many other valuable features being offered by FamilyTime. Do explore those yourself, give this app a try for free. You can download the app from your phone’s store or in a jiffy below. The installation process is simple, yet, you can take the assistance from here http://familytime.io/how-to-install/

Web monitoring software app_store

Parental Monitoring Is Mandatory

To make sure that your teens move on the right track, parents today are needed to monitor them; only then you can guide them to what is in their favor and what’s not. For monitoring, you will have to know your kids’ tech use as it is the doorway they use to enter the dangerous cyber world. Make use of parental apps such as FamilyTime and secure your kids now!