You must have seen the term incognito or private browsing in your browser. It is basically a privacy setting provided by the browsers. Almost all the browsers; Safari, Firefox, Chrome etc. have this feature. With the advent of technology and its excessive use, browsers have come up with better security services for people.

What happens when you use private browsing?

The internet uses our searches for marketing purposes. For example, if you search for a certain hair product, you will notice ads, related to that, popping up in your social media news feed. And sometimes you actually need to hide your internet searches because you don’t want anyone else to see them. When you turn on the private browsing, the search data is not saved in the internet history. As a result, the internet cannot pull this data and you can hide it from your children or anyone for whom the information might be inappropriate. It is helpful to keep up your secrecy, but what if children start doing it too?

Should your children use it?

Private browsing is for everyone and children can use it too. But this means they can go to any site they want and hide it from you. So even if you are keeping a check on their internet history, there is a possibility that they are going to unsafe websites or websites containing adult content and you don’t know it.

Now that isn’t convenient at all. This is where iPhone parental control app can help you. safari has a private sign on the window to indicate the safe browsing is on. Look for it to know if your kids are up to it.

How can iPhone parental control app help?

If you find that your kids are using this facility, don’t stop it because it is good for them. But to prevent the inappropriate browsing, use content filtering. There are parental apps like FamilyTime that allow you to filter content on iOS devices. Your kids can still browse privately, but the adult content would vanish from their searches. You can set the filtering according to age wise ratings and disable unwanted content altogether. This is how you can stop worrying about them hiding things from you. You can do it for:

  • Films
  • TV shows
  • Applications
  • iTunes store
  • iBooks

You can also monitor their other online and cell phone activities, block apps, in-app purchases, limit screen time and keep tabs on location. Get it now for all iOS devices from the button below:

iPhone Parental Controls

So, browsing privately isn’t bad for your kids. It saves them from unnecessary cookies and ad-tracking. But there is a downside to it that your kids can use it for ill purposes. However, this problem can be solved easily with iPhone parental control app.




Self-esteem plays a very important role in the way children develop and mature. If your child’s self-esteem is low, he or she will not be able to defend against bullying at school, or from peer pressure.

That is why it is very important that we learn ways to increase self-esteem in children. In all the effort of increasing kids’ self-esteem, the role of parents is and will be to teach their children to face the challenges of life with an attitude that is: “I can,” instead of a negative attitude: “I can not.”. With that, there are several other ways parents can use. Here these are:

1. Reward your child for his efforts, not just for the results

When your child returns from school and took an 8 in an exam, follow something like this: “Very good!, I know you studied a lot and that’s why you got an 8”. Avoid comments like the following: “Next time you can study more and get a 10”. This is a negative comment that gives the message of no matter what effort they make, it is never going to be good enough.

2. Give your children responsibilities

Giving simple responsibilities like: setting the table, taking out the trash, giving the dog water, etc., will make your child feel productive and valuable. Try to give responsibilities that match their age. Give simple tasks, this way they will do well and they will not end up feeling bad about themselves.

3. Develop your own self-esteem

Trying to increase self-esteem in your child, if you do not have a healthy self-esteem will never work. Children model the behavior of adults. If you are constantly denigrating yourself or being too critical, your child will begin to imitate this behavior.

4. Monitor their Chats and keep them away from bad company

Nowadays, cyberbullying is really a trend. Save your kid from it and monitor their chats using the Android parental control app such as FamilyTime that lets you see the complete communication history of your kid. And if you find any bad person hurting their self-esteem, provide your child with the best of your consultancy so that instead of feeling bad about themselves, they either face them or move away calmly! To see how the app works, get it now from the app store on your phone or simply click the button given below!

Android Parental controls

5. Be affectionate

Giving a hug or a kiss only takes a few minutes. Sincere affection is one of the best gifts you can give your child. With this act, you are telling him that he is loved and is a special being. However, do not force it. Do not force your child to give you a hug if he does not want to.

6. Find things to do that your child really enjoys

If your child loves playing football, try playing with him every now and then. Get involved with the topic, ask questions about who your favorite players are, etc. This way your child can show you everything he knows. This is very important because it is showing you that for you he is important and in this way you will be increasing your child’s self-esteem.