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With rising statistics of internet generated troubles, cybercrime, obesity and eye damage, screen addiction and on top of that ghost apps to hide suspicious activities, parents of kids and teens are advised to set up parental controls. This is no different than keeping an eye on them when they first start swimming, knowing about all their friends to make sure they are meeting the right people and telling them to be cautious on the streets. You have to keep an eye on their online activity as well, so they can have a secure digital life.

What do parental controls do?

There are inbuilt parental controls in laptops and smartphones and there are parental control apps like FamilyTime through which parents can monitor their children’s devices and restrict inappropriate actions. They give parents a sense of control without having to intrude in their kids’ lives, which is not appreciated by the kids at all.

What do you need to monitor?

You need to keep a watch on the cellular as well as the online behavior of your kids. Text bullying, cyber harassment, sexting, adult websites, getting in contact with strangers can all be identified by monitoring:

  • Calls
  • Contacts
  • Text messages
  • Internet history
  • Bookmarks

You can get a heads up before time and solve the issue. The whole purpose of monitoring the kids’ digital behavior is to make sure they don’t get involved in insecure activities and even if they do, parents can resolve them timely.

What do you need to restrict?

There are certain actions that need to be restricted by parents. It is just like enforcing bedtimes and other house rules.

Mobile apps

These apps include games, social media apps, self-help, and self-learning, etc. But there are also hiding apps that allow kids to hide photos and other activity in a camouflaged folder. Some games and social media apps can be very addictive and contain adult content. With parental control apps, you can see what kind of apps they are using and ban them from use.


Screen Time

All the time spent on devices constitutes as screen time. Excessive screen time is bad for children’s physical and mental wellbeing. That is why you need to curb their hours within healthy limits. The digital screen locks restrict their device access for a designated time and their screen time is cut short.


Where do you need to follow them?

Kids, especially teens, when on their own, have a tendency to go to parties, far off places and late night adventures. All these places may not be safe for them and they can end up in trouble. You can see where they go by accessing their location history. You can also get Geofence notifications to make sure they are safe and sound. These include auto check-ins/checkouts, panic alerts, and pick-me-up alerts.

Get FamilyTime for your iOS or Android device now:

Web monitoring software


Parental control apps are a digital way to counter some digital difficulties. You can do everything from your laptop or on the go, all the while keeping your kids’ integrity intact. eSafety is as much important as safety in any other aspect of life. So go smart and keep your kids digitally safe.

How Can Child Predators Reach Your Children Online? What to Do About It?

It is not news that kids are more knowledgeable about the internet these days. They know things even the adults don’t. It is their age and they are the masters. But like any other aspect of life parents have to take care of them in this aspect too. One big danger that they have to be aware of are the online strangers.

Kids meet various people through social media and gaming sites. Unfortunately, child predators use these sites as a medium to get them. 81% teens use social media in which Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Vine etc. are popular. It is common to share photos, current residence and educational info on these platforms. Kids also follow these trends. This can be used by predators to know their location and likes/dislikes.


There are two reasons to why kids indulge with such people. They think it is virtual so it cannot hurt them. They don’t realize that the person on the other end could be lying to them. They also enjoy the anonymity and the thrill of meeting new people. Sometimes when parents try to stop them, they tend to hide. 70% kids hide their online activity and parents stay unaware.

Getting in contact with such people can result in a bad outcome. They lure kids into meeting them, sexual actions, misuse their personal images, blackmail, threat and the worst kidnap or assault them. That is why parents are recommended to keep a check on their online behavior. Parental control apps are an emerging solution for this issue.

What are the different ways that can help you?

The first step is to get access to their online and smartphone activity. Parental control apps like FamilyTime let you do that. Once you have this access you can keep a watch on them and detect any suspicious behavior. Following are the different ways that will help you:

  • Monitor their contacts and keep an eye for unsaved numbers, strange names, people you have never heard of before.
  • Check their calling habits for untimely calls, a number who is calling your kid again and again or someone your kids are trying to avoid.
  • Read their text messages. It is a great way to know about sexting, harassment, and threats or unnecessary attachment.
  • Track their web history to know if they are visiting sites that expose kids to such people. You can also see their bookmarks and how frequently they visit such sites.
  • Block applications that encourage anonymous chatting and exposure to strangers.
  • Stay posted about their whereabouts and get notified of them reaching school safely. Prevent going to unsafe places.


All this can be easily done with FamilyTime. It is available for all Android and iOS devices. Download it from the buttons below:

Web monitoring software


Keep them secure!

This can happen to any kid that goes online and has a smartphone. Nowadays, every parent whose kids use internet devices or are about to reach that age should adopt parental control apps. They are an adequate solution to keep predators away from your kids.

Six Reasons Why FamilyTime Is the Best Parental Control App for You


Are you a worried parent? Do you want to keep a check on your kid’s devices? With the advancement in technology, giving the facility of the internet and devices to your kids has become a necessity. Luckily, technology also provides help to keep a check on your kids and safeguard them from potential bad habits or dangers. There is a variety of apps available for parental control. They allow parents to monitor their kid’s activities and enforce rules and restrictions as well.

FamilyTime is a digital parental controls app that serves the purpose well. It is a single platform through which you can monitor, control and restrict your children’s actions on their devices. It is easy to use and suitable for parents or co-parents.

Here is a list of reasons why FamilyTime should be your first choice for a parental control app:


It is easy to install by making an account. FamilyTime provides a step by step guidance for each process. Once you have installed the App on your device and your kid’s as well, the activation of your children’s App is only one step away. Just add the activation code in your children’s App and you immediately get access to your children’s device. It works well on cellular devices and networks.



Multiple devices can be added and monitoried by a single parent device which means you can see all your kids from one place. It also gives the facility to give access to other guardians or relatives. If you are co-parenting or often have to leave your kids at a certain relative’s home you can give them the charge to keep an eye on your kids.


FamilyTime provides a wide range of services under a single roof.


Location Access

  • You can track your children’s whereabouts all day.
  • You don’t have to worry if your kid reached the school safely or to a friend’s house. With this App, you can get location alerts, check-ins, and check-outs of all the place you want.
  • By using the Geofencing feature, you can create a virtual fence around the places you don’t want your kids to be and get instant alerts if they try to go there.
  • You also have access to the location history of your children over extended periods of time.

Limit Screen time

If your kid is getting addicted to a certain game, developing improper eating or sleeping habits and spending unnecessary time on their devices, FamilyTime has the perfect solution. You can limit the time your kid can use the device. You can lock away their devices for specified time periods e.g. dinner time, bedtime, homework time etc. Their devices would be locked for the desired time and are password protected by the parent App.

Constant Monitoring

You can monitor your children’s activities, view their history and get reports on all their activities throughout the day. You can also get alerts for contacts you don’t want them to get in touch with. FamilyTime allows you to see the following:

  • Contacts
  • Web history
  • Installed Apps
  • Bookmarks
  • Texts
  • Driving speed
  • Call logs

Apps Blocking

iphone parental apps

You can access the complete list of Apps installed on their devices. Now you don’t have to worry about them using unsuitable Apps. You can easily block the games they are spending too much time on social networking Apps or the Apps that are inappropriate for their age. You can also get alerts if they try to use the blocked Apps.

SOS and Pick me up Alerts


FamilyTime provides a very handy feature to send alerts. Your children can send you panic alerts in a situation of distress. You get an instant message providing you the location of your children. Apart from that, your kids can also send you simple notifications to pick them up from a certain location.


FamilyTime provides instant help regarding any problem you are facing. Whether it be the installation process, a glitch in the App or anyother problem you can’t understand you can contact the customer care representatives and they are ready to help you right away. It also provides the facility to Live Chat with the customer support center. You can get prompt help on the go, directly on your device.


It doesn’t matter if you have an Android, IOS or Kindle device. FamilyTime is available for all these and it works perfectly well.


FamilyTime parental control app guarantees that all the data is secure and strict measures are taken for its prevention.

FamilyTime is available in free and premium versions. The free version provides all the basic features but in a limited capacity. The premium version, however, provides unlimited access in addition to more awesome features. Currently, three pricing plans are available on a yearly basis and they are far more beneficial as compared to other parental control Apps out there. It is constantly updating existing features and coming up with new features and better facilities. FamilyTime is certainly the best parental control App to help you safeguard and monitor your kids.

The Perks Of FamilyTime Parental App For Parents And Kids


The parental control applications are more popular than ever, but are they good for parents and children? The answer is yes. For most parents, the main priorities when they buy their children a phone are:

  1. Establish contact all around the clock
  2. Being able to protect their children so that they do not  see inappropriate material, or brought into contact with someone they should not.
  3. Do not want to pay huge bills for their kids’ paid downloaded apps.

Luckily for these worried parents, there is a solution known as parental control app that allows parents to take appropriate actions to prevent any major bills or problem. The perks of these apps are now not limited to the parents only. With any advanced app such as FamilyTime parental app, both parents and kids can have safety and liberty both at the same time, but how?

FamilyTime App Has Two Versions

Safety and liberty both are possible at the same time because of FamilyTime’s two different versions. One is for the parents and the other for children.

FamilyTime For Parents

The app version for parents is called the Parent Dashboard that serves as a one-stop management. Through parent dashboard, parents can:

  • Keep an eye on their kids’ browsing history along with the date and time for each URL.
  • View their bookmarks and favorites.
  • Monitor call logs and check the caller details and view their call timing along with date stamps.
  • Mirror contacts and view every contact saved in their kid’s phone along with the listed details.
  • Watchlist contacts and get instant alerts on the connection.
  • Check all of their installed apps along with app version and date of installation.
  • Block questionable apps & games.
  • Check the location-history and stay in the know where their kids were the whole day.
  • Add specific places to Places list and get alerts when their kids enter or exit those places.
  • Put screen locks at any time they don’t want kids to use their smartphones.

The parent app lets parents manage and monitor all their kids from a single screen that can be accessed through the web too.

FamilyTime For Kids

The child app of Familytime is called the Child Dashboard which is simple and self-explanatory. It allows your child to manage their profile, chat with parents and send panic & PickMeUp alerts to them.

  • PickMeUp alerts: Do you often forget to pick up your kids on time? Help your kids send you easy-go reminders before time with their complete location details so you get to them at the right place in time and if you get stuck somewhere, you can reply to them via the same groove in a single tap.
  • SOS alerts: SOS alerts are the panic alerts that your kid can send you in case of emergency. With their single tap on the SOS alerts option, your kids can send you push notification on your mobile screen along with their complete location.

Awareness is the best tool:

With the constant change in technology, the lifestyle is changing too. Now, parents and kids both are becoming more aware of the perks and perils of  technology and they have started using it for the good only. So, make the best use of your knowledge and use the parental app for your kids’ safety!

Truth Behind The Fame Of FamilyTime

FamilyTime App

The Parental Control app – FamilyTime – is on hype these days. It is getting popular among parents; the number of its downloads has gone imaginary high. But Why? What is the reason behind? To dig this out myself, I used the app and came up with several reasons. The app is popular because of its feature-profusion, affordability, performance, user-friendly design and nonetheless customizable settings.

Feature Profusion:

FamilyTime is an all-inclusive, feature rich parental control application that offer:

  1. Family Watch: Family Watch is a bunch of features that activates monitoring. Parents can keep an eye on their child’s call logs and contacts to see who they contact and when while keeping track of the browsing history and the bookmarks list.
  2. Family Care: In Family Care, parents can go through the list of installed apps and identify the inappropriate ones. They can also block any unwanted app that they want them to avoid. In addition to this, parents can add any suspicious number to Watchlist to get push notifications every time the contact is made from either party.
  3. Family Buzz: The Family buzz feature set lets kids send SOS alerts with their complete location in case of any danger.
  4. Family Locator: Family locator set of FamilyTime enables efficient tracking system and allows parents to Geo-fence any address to get push-notifications every time they enter and exit that place.
  5. Family Link: The app lets families establish a strong link. It lets parents receive PickMeUp alerts from your children with complete location and help them Stay in the loop with their kids 24/7.
  6. Family Plus: The added advantage of this app is Family Plus. To limit screen time or disable the device in case of theft, parents  can remotely lock child’s phone from their dashboard.

Family Locator


Compared to other parental control applications, FamilyTime is affordable. Parent app is all free.  To get started with unlimited monitoring, they are required to subscribe from the child subscription packages, i.e. Premium package monthly, quarterly or yearly. These are all available for few bucks. If parents don’t want to subscribe, they can use the free version of app with limited options.


FamilyTime is a handy app that performs well without affecting the device much. It does not lag neither it drains the battery. In fact, the data reporting process is quite fast.

User-friendly Design:

The app is well designed. It is easy to use and simple to handle with a clear set of icons that are self-explanatory.


Customizable Settings:

Another reason that captivates others is its customizable settings. Parents can change the setting and add their kids’ profiles as per their convenience. They can set what to monitor and what not to in a toggle shift.

Prevent Cyber Bullying with Digital Parenting Controls because it Can Ruin Kid’s Personality!

digital parental controls

Let me share my terrible experience in overcoming my son’s anxiety and low self-esteem. The most hurtful thing was that I had a boy with excellent school performance and he was very active in extracurricular activities. But later on, I noticed that he was getting very depressed about his personality and I found him getting very conscious about his voice and looks. It was a direct attack on his self-image which left me shocked. Then I got to know he was getting bullied by his school mates. Then I understand the importance of the digital parental controls. Indeed, they can help a great deal!  

Even the sharp kids could lose their confidence

Yes, even the very confident and shining kids can find it difficult to deal with the bullying. I never thought that my son can ever get dubious about himself! But it happened because he was continuously getting hate calls and humiliating comments on social media. Maybe he was a bright student and his mates were trying to pull him down. But whatever it was; it was terrible.

I was guilty because I wasn’t using any app or digital monitoring software to keep a check on his Web activities. Don’t make the mistake which I made and keep a check on kids’ Web behavior. Have a look at an Infographic by Monitronics showing some affect of bullying on the victim and bullies:

The Bullied kids can perceive themselves physically weak, start experiencing low self-esteem and depression, try to exhibit difficulty to interact with others. Moreover the most dangerous impacts include the risk of attempting suicides and poor performance at school. And this is all what happened to my son. You can never gain an idea about what they are going through unless you keep a check on their online activities and keep an eye on who they’re in contact with!

Let the digital parenting make it easy for you!

I regretted that I wasn’t using any of the smart apps before he became a victim. But after that experience, I realized the importance and now I’m using FamilyTime software. It allows me to check his browsing history, the time he spends on the social media apps, keep track of his bookmarks and I can also Watchlist contacts that I suspect make hate calls to him.

This gave me a way to monitor what’s on his mind and what’s he searching for on the Internet. If I had FamilyTime before, I could have detected easily as he was getting suicidal and was searching for the related stuff.

If you don’t have a parental control app on your child’s phone yet, don’t waste time and download one immediately. You can go for FamilyTime as it’s free and pretty flexible. You can download this app from Google Play and iTunes app store or from here:

digital parental controls  digital parental controls

 Don’t let your child suffer!

Why let your bright, active child suffer from depression and experience the demeaning bullying? While you can’t keep them locked at home to protect from external threats, you can give them the ultimate protection and the confidence that you’d be there for them always with the digital parental controls like FamilyTime. Don’t let your child face the brunt and protect them smartly!

Parental Control for Internet : An Affordable and Easy Tool to Make Internet Safe for Your Teens

Parental Control App
Parental Control App

I have been reviewing different software to get easy parental control for Internet. It’s really interesting to know how one can check the smartphone activities of kids anywhere at any time. I have written many app reviews but today I’m going to share features of an app, FamilyTime, which is actually very user friendly and economical. Normally parents avoid using such apps due to high price tags so let’s see if this app can help parents on a budget.

Is it up to the expectations?

Well, it’s beyond what I expected, at such affordable price of just a couple of dollars. It worked really well. My experience was smooth because it didn’t freeze and was pretty easy to use. If you are a non-tech parent even then you can easily understand how to use the app dashboard. Another thing going beyond my expectations was its large number of features. Mostly the apps which I tested were not capable to provide all the features they claimed, but FamilyTime provided all.

With this app you can easily monitor all of you kids’ Web browsing history, view their bookmarks and their most visited sites. And if you find any inappropriate site for their age, you can put it in to the Watchlist and get instant alerts whenever they gain try to access those sites. Overall is an easy way to get a clear idea about their Web behavior.

Child Monitoring App
Child Monitoring App

Benefits making it Worthwhile

There are number of reasons why I found this app interesting I would briefly state them for you:

  • Easy user interface
  • Economical price
  • Pretty display
  • Number of working features
  • High compatibility
  • Consistency

An App Full of Features

Browsing History

Enable you to monitor kid’s Web behavior, bookmarks and most visited sites.

Mobile Tracker

Provides real time location of where your kids are and where they have been over the period of time.

Call logs

Uploads call history and contact details on your account.

Installed Applications

Monitors which applications they use with the date and version of app.

Instant Messages

Enables you to send instant messages individually or in groups.

Contact Details

Provides access to the number and names of your kid’s contacts.

Panic Alerts

Kids can send panic alerts if they feel they are in danger.

Request for Location

Kids can ask for your current location.

Instant Chats

Kids can send instant messages in an emergency and you can track their current location point in time.

My Suggestion: FamilyTime

Overall there is no significant downside of this app. All of the features work well making it a worthy parental control for Internet. I’m suggesting this because I tested it by myself, and it didn’t disappoint me at all. With this compatible and affordable app make sure your kids are protected even when they leave for a trip or any other place and enjoy an anxiety free parenting.