Six Reasons Why FamilyTime Is the Best Parental Control App for You


Are you a worried parent? Do you want to keep a check on your kid’s devices? With the advancement in technology, giving the facility of the internet and devices to your kids has become a necessity. Luckily, technology also provides help to keep a check on your kids and safeguard them from potential bad habits or dangers. There is a variety of apps available for parental control. They allow parents to monitor their kid’s activities and enforce rules and restrictions as well.

FamilyTime is a digital parental controls app that serves the purpose well. It is a single platform through which you can monitor, control and restrict your children’s actions on their devices. It is easy to use and suitable for parents or co-parents.

Here is a list of reasons why FamilyTime should be your first choice for a parental control app:


It is easy to install by making an account. FamilyTime provides a step by step guidance for each process. Once you have installed the App on your device and your kid’s as well, the activation of your children’s App is only one step away. Just add the activation code in your children’s App and you immediately get access to your children’s device. It works well on cellular devices and networks.



Multiple devices can be added and monitoried by a single parent device which means you can see all your kids from one place. It also gives the facility to give access to other guardians or relatives. If you are co-parenting or often have to leave your kids at a certain relative’s home you can give them the charge to keep an eye on your kids.


FamilyTime provides a wide range of services under a single roof.


Location Access

  • You can track your children’s whereabouts all day.
  • You don’t have to worry if your kid reached the school safely or to a friend’s house. With this App, you can get location alerts, check-ins, and check-outs of all the place you want.
  • By using the Geofencing feature, you can create a virtual fence around the places you don’t want your kids to be and get instant alerts if they try to go there.
  • You also have access to the location history of your children over extended periods of time.

Limit Screen time

If your kid is getting addicted to a certain game, developing improper eating or sleeping habits and spending unnecessary time on their devices, FamilyTime has the perfect solution. You can limit the time your kid can use the device. You can lock away their devices for specified time periods e.g. dinner time, bedtime, homework time etc. Their devices would be locked for the desired time and are password protected by the parent App.

Constant Monitoring

You can monitor your children’s activities, view their history and get reports on all their activities throughout the day. You can also get alerts for contacts you don’t want them to get in touch with. FamilyTime allows you to see the following:

  • Contacts
  • Web history
  • Installed Apps
  • Bookmarks
  • Texts
  • Driving speed
  • Call logs

Apps Blocking

iphone parental apps

You can access the complete list of Apps installed on their devices. Now you don’t have to worry about them using unsuitable Apps. You can easily block the games they are spending too much time on social networking Apps or the Apps that are inappropriate for their age. You can also get alerts if they try to use the blocked Apps.

SOS and Pick me up Alerts


FamilyTime provides a very handy feature to send alerts. Your children can send you panic alerts in a situation of distress. You get an instant message providing you the location of your children. Apart from that, your kids can also send you simple notifications to pick them up from a certain location.


FamilyTime provides instant help regarding any problem you are facing. Whether it be the installation process, a glitch in the App or anyother problem you can’t understand you can contact the customer care representatives and they are ready to help you right away. It also provides the facility to Live Chat with the customer support center. You can get prompt help on the go, directly on your device.


It doesn’t matter if you have an Android, IOS or Kindle device. FamilyTime is available for all these and it works perfectly well.


FamilyTime parental control app guarantees that all the data is secure and strict measures are taken for its prevention.

FamilyTime is available in free and premium versions. The free version provides all the basic features but in a limited capacity. The premium version, however, provides unlimited access in addition to more awesome features. Currently, three pricing plans are available on a yearly basis and they are far more beneficial as compared to other parental control Apps out there. It is constantly updating existing features and coming up with new features and better facilities. FamilyTime is certainly the best parental control App to help you safeguard and monitor your kids.


4 reasons why you need a parental control for screen time limits!


Everything has become digital; digital shopping, digital learning, digital entertainment. Everything requires an internet connection and an electronic screen. 90% of all media interactions are screen-based in the form of smartphones, tablets, TV, laptops etc. Kids prefer to play games on their iPads and tablets than outside. They study and even socialize online. According to this survey, we spend 4.4 hours on screen daily for our leisure time only.

 Source: brainsolis

Too much screen time is unsafe for kids and can cause them a variety of issues. As parents, you must be aware of these problems and consider using a parental control for screen time limits in order to keep them healthy and secure.

Health Dangers

Kids can develop health issues like obesity, eyesight impairment, bad posture troubles, and headaches by sitting for long hours in front of the screen. They also get prone to having anxiety and depression. Sleep deprivation can cause them to stay tired and irritable. 8 hours of sleep is necessary to get through a tough school routine but interruptions at night keep them from it. They can also develop attention deficit disorders.

Social Isolation

Excessive screen time also causes them to become socially aloof. They prefer to stay indoors. They have minimum interaction with the outside world and as a result, fail to build real relations. Toddlers have seen having a speech delay and talking issues which can also persist for long.


They can get addicted to gaming and use of other applications. This renders them unable to concentrate on daily activities. They grow a fear of missing out, have a continuous need to check their devices for new notifications and can’t go anywhere without them.

Academic Performance

Extreme device usage can affect their performance at school. Their grades can fall. Continuous brain activity keeps them tired causing them to lose concentration. Distractions from social media and gaming don’t let them do their school work and study properly.

How can screen time parental controls help?

There are different parental control apps that allow you to limit device use. FamilyTime is one such app that serves the purpose well. Here is what you can do with it:

  • Lock the phone for bedtime, dinner time and homework time.
  • Make customized rules -as many, as you like.
  • Set it for recurrent days or one day, as you want.
  • Temporarily block applications.
  • The app will automatically open and lock phones or tablets.

You can use it on iOS and android devices. Give it a try here:

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Establish screen time limits!

Just like phones and tablet have become a necessity for kids, limiting screen time has also become one. Kids should not spend endless hours on their devices as it is injurious to their health and life in general. They should only spend 2 to 3 hours on screens per day. This calls for parents to use a parental control for screen time limits. Keep your kids secure and healthy, have tech free days and limit excessive use.

Dive Into Your Kids’ Deep Tech World With FamilyTime!


Kids of this age are the digital native and the parents are the migrants. If you notice, you will see a constant battle going on in between them. The battle that starts because of the parents’ inability to keep track of their kids’ activities. They try to get into the details of how do their kids use their devices, who do they connect with, which websites they visit, what games are they playing, which apps are they using, what stuff is shaping their personality and from where they get their inspiration, etc. Knowing the answers to all these questions is crucial hence, it is significantly important for parents to keep a close eye on their kids. To stay updated, some parents spy on their kids, some end up being the helicopter parents, whereas the majority of them opt for the digital route and make use of parental apps such as FamilyTime.

How FamilyTime Helps?

FamilyTime is a complete parental app that lets parents take a toll on their kids’ techy world. The app offers a wide range of features that empower parents to:

Monitor their Kids’ Web Behavior

Parents can now stay updated about their kids’ web use and the patterns of their web behavior. With the app they can:

  • Track Browsing history: Keep an eye on which sites they visit for and stay updated with their entire Web behavior.
  • Monitor  Favorites and Bookmarks: View the complete list of their bookmarks and favorites.

Monitor their Kids’ Call Logs

Using the app, they can easily monitor their kids’:

  • Contacts: Keep an eye on all of the contacts along with details.
  • Calls History: Monitor the calls-history along with the date and time stamps.

Monitor their Kids’ Locations

With FamilyTime, parents can:

  • Track Location: Stay in the know of your kids’ changing locations even on the go.
  • Trace Location history: Keep a check on their whereabouts with the date and time stamps and see where they have been all day long.

Monitor their Kids’ App Preferences

The app enables parents to know their kids’ app preferences and provides them with features to:

  • Check Installed Apps: View the list of apps installed on your kids’ device with the additional details such as app version, date of installation etc.
  • Monitor App Usage Frequency: Keep track of the time they spend on each app using the app frequency checker of FamilyTime.

Have Parental Controls:

Monitoring is one part, Familytime allows parents to take control and manage their kids’ device through:

  • Watchlist Contacts: Watchlist any suspicious contact and receive alerts if contact is made by either party.
  • Blacklist Apps: Restrict the access of apps you don’t want your kids to use.
  • Lock Phone: Lock their phones to stop usage at inappropriate hours.
  • Geo-Fence: Create a virtual fence around important places such as Home, school, clubs, etc. to receive check-in and check-out alerts.

This is not all. There are many other valuable features being offered by FamilyTime. Do explore those yourself, give this app a try for free. You can download the app from your phone’s store or in a jiffy below. The installation process is simple, yet, you can take the assistance from here

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Parental Monitoring Is Mandatory

To make sure that your teens move on the right track, parents today are needed to monitor them; only then you can guide them to what is in their favor and what’s not. For monitoring, you will have to know your kids’ tech use as it is the doorway they use to enter the dangerous cyber world. Make use of parental apps such as FamilyTime and secure your kids now!

Digital Relationships and Teens: Know who your teen connects with Online!


Your teen may not be good at making relationships in the real world, but they can surely be a master of making them in the digital world. Today’s teens are impatient. They don’t wait for others to contact them, hence, they make their move and join online forums to meet their best matches. Do you know almost half of the accounts made on these social or dating platforms are fake? Either teens try to present themselves as adults or the adults pretend to be teenagers. This is where the dating apps become dangerous to use.

According to a number of reports the sexual assaulters or the predators pretend to be teenagers online top trap innocent kids. On the web, more than 500,000 predators come online every day. The facts are alarming, but have you taken any precautionary measures to secure your innocent teen online? Don’t stay in the in the phase of denial thinking that your kid is safe as there are approximately 800,000 Registered Sex Offenders in the United States. So, to secure your kids, keep a check on who your kid connects with online as that digital relationship can lead to an offline meeting. Web monitoring software are of great help in this regard. Pick any good option such as Familytime that lets you trace your teens online footprints and monitor the offline activities. In this case FamilyTime lets you:


  • Social forums their teens join online such as Facebook,, Twitter, etc. These forums let kids become friend with anybody online.
  • Websites they visit with the date and time stamps.
  • Applications they use on their devices. You can look for the dating apps such as Omegla, Tinder, MeetMe etc.
  • Contacts they save on their cell phone.
  • Calls they make, receive or miss.
  • Places they visit. You can look for the locations they visit on any given day and in real time.

Web monitoring software

This is not all, you can Watchlist suspicious contacts to get notified whenever the contact is made by either party. In addition to that FamilyTime empowers parents to blacklist unwanted apps, remotely lock the phone and receive panic alerts from kids in case of emergency. They can also Geo-fence places so they stay informed when their kids leave the home, school or other important places etc.

Want to download this app? Get it from your phone or click the buttons below:

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